SVM - High Frequency Transformer

Various Types:

High Frequency High Voltage Transformer

High Frequency High Power Transformer

High Voltage Resin Cast Transformer

High Frequency High Voltage Transformer for Arc Ignition Application


100 kHz 500kW Rating and above.

High Voltage Transformer rating up to 50kV Output


IEC 60601-1, IEC 61558-1, IEC60076


High Voltage Resin Cast Transformer:

Resin Cast Bobbin with no air trap

Resin Selection with High Voltage Withstand capacity

Transformer for high Temperature Application up to 300deg C:

Material Selection based on high temperature 300deg C

Core Geometries:

EE, UU, UI and Special Sized Cores by stacking Ferrite Blocks


Litz wire – Round and Type 8 Rectangular Litz for High Current Carrying Capacity up to 300A using Silk Yarn, Nylon Yarn, NomexServing

In House Facilities:

Special Geometry Ferrites can be developed by stacking multiple cores

Ferrite Core Grinding for meeting Special AL Value

Rectangular and Round Litz Wire Manufacturing Facility

Mounting parts Fabrication and Machining Facility (Punching, Bending and Forming – In house Tool Room).

Resin Cast Bobbin development facility by Automatic Pressure Gelation Process


High Voltage Application, PWM Converter, IGBT Converter, Amplifier, Power supplies for various applications, Magnetics for electric vehicle, Transformer for electric vehicle etc.