SVM - Magnetics for Defence Application


Single Phase Low Voltage Transformers are designed for working at an input voltage of 40V, 400Hz.

Transformers having six secondary output windings to meet different voltage requirements.

Transformers are designed to work in an high operating temperature in the range of -60 to +85deg C and high Humidity climatic conditions in the range of 98%.

These Transformers are majorly used for applications in areas with boreal climate like Defence

These Transformers are equivalent to the Russian Transformers

S.No SVM Part Number RUSSIAN Part Number For Cross Reference Type Rating Specification
1 91048 TPP-6-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-6-40-400 Transformer 3.5VA 91048 Pdf
2 91047 TPP-229-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-229-40-400 Transformer 25VA 91047 Pdf
3 98052 Tᴨᴨ-213-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-213-40-400 Transformer 6VA 98052 Pdf
4 98055 TPP-37-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-37-40-400 Transformer 12 VA 98055 Pdf
5 98057 TPP-131-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-131-40-400 Transformer 12 VA 98057 Pdf
6 98058 TPP-10-40-400 Tᴨᴨ-10-40-400 Transformer 1.65 VA 98058 Pdf
7 98059 TAN-86-40-400U TAH-86-40-400y Power Transformer 112 VA 98059 Pdf
8 98060 TPP-40-40-400B Tᴨᴨ-40-40-400B Transformer 18.8VA 98060 Pdf
9 98056 L56.0.0005.16.5 Д56.0.0005.16.5 Power Inductor 790uH 98056 Pdf